Buying a House with a Well & Septic System in Fayetteville, GA? Importance of Water Testing, Well Inspection & More

When looking to a buy a home some people may find a number of homes that use a well versus city water. When you find the perfect home that may use a well system, there are few things you will want to know about the well on the property before you commit to buying the home. Lifeline Inspection Services will share what questions to ask about the property’s well and how inspection services can provide more answers.

Learn About Local Groundwater

When looking at different homes that may use a well, you will first want to do research on the groundwater in the area you are considering purchasing a home. Often you can find a report from the EPA on local groundwater along with any complaints. You can also ask your Realtor what they know about the local groundwater or if the well has sediment problems within the area of the property.

Research Local Well Regulations

As each states can vary on their well regulations, as well as county regulations, as part of your research look up local well regulations. In some states it is required to have wells inspected and the water tested before a home can be sold. Again, your Realtor should know what state and county well requirements are for the purchase of a home. This is to ensure the buyer is completely aware of the groundwater’s quality. Other regulations often accompanies the well and it is strongly recommended for the buyer to know what regulations may be in place.

Water Well Inspections

When having a home inspector out to inspect the home and other aspects of the property, don’t miss your chance to have the well inspected and tested. During a well inspection, one of the first things a home inspector starts with is the Flow Test. A flow test is important as it this inspection that checks the water level and the well pump performance. Another aspect of a well inspection is the equipment. The equipment used to store water or the pump and other means of extracting the water is also inspected to ensure everything is up to current code and sanitary. Whenever you are buying a home it is essential to always have the water tested. A qualified home inspection service that provides water testing can be a great ally. As seller and Realtor, you want to sell a home and sometimes details get lost and water quality forgotten. When having the water tested it can reveal if there is any bacteria, manganese, sulfides, iron, and nitrates that are in the water. With a detailed water testing report, you can feel more at ease when buying a home.

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When having the well system inspected and the water tested by Lifeline Inspection Services, you will receive a detailed report on your well and the condition of the water. As wells in some homes are the only means of water, it is essential to have the well professionally inspected. For quality inspection service for both residential and commercial properties, contact Lifeline Inspection Services today.

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