How to Close Fast when Buying a House in Grantville, GA; Requesting Timeline for Repairs After Home Inspection & More

There isn’t anything quite as exciting as closing on your new home. All the dreams and aspirations you have for this new place you are going to call home are bundled together in a ball of excitement. Many people are ready to close as soon as possible once they have found the ideal property for…

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Avoid Buying a House with Bad Plumbing in Fayetteville, GA; Problems Found in Home Inspections

Often a home inspection can reveal flaws throughout the home. Often home inspectors when inspecting the home plumbing, will discover small to major problems. Home inspections help to discover the flaws and ensure proper repair. When it comes to the home’s plumbing there are four common plumbing flaws frequently discovered during home inspections. Lifeline Home…

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