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During the home buying process, agents have a lot of pressure on their shoulders for a smooth closing. Having the right home inspector can make or break the deal at times. Lifeline Home Inspections works diligently to assist agents in a smooth home inspection process, and in the process, help home buyers and sellers as well. We outline some of the agent, home buyer and seller benefits of working with a professional home inspector like us!

Convenient Online Inspection Reports

Lifeline Home Inspections works with HomeGauge to provide convenient online inspection reports that our clients can access directly from our website. There are many useful features available such as the ability to easily create a repair list directly from the report. To learn more, please click here.

Importance of Professional Communication

Sometimes home inspections can raise many questions that agents as well as buyers want answers to. At Lifeline Home Inspections, we will have a direct line of communication with agents so that all questions are answered and understood fully. We will give a detailed written report that ensures there are no unanswered questions when our home inspections are complete.

Home Buyer Confidence

Making a purchase as large as a home can create unsettled feelings for many buyers. Buyers want to walk into this purchase armed with the proper knowledge to confidently close the deal. Our goal at Lifeline Home Inspections is to create an educational experience for buyers. We will walk them through each system of their home and educate them on the overall condition of the home. When a buyer has confidence in the purchase of a home, it can create more referrals for agents.

Flexible Work Schedule

We work with agents and buyers to complete home inspections when it is most convenient for them. Often, home inspections are scheduled with the need for completion within a couple days. We can often even provide same-day inspection services, and strive to provide you with a home inspection when it will work best with you as well as the buyer.

Knowledgeable Home Inspectors

Lifeline Home Inspections is firefighter owned and operated to provide expertise that will give agents as well as buyers current and accurate information during a home inspection. We are also ICA certified and members of ASHI. You know we provide complete home inspections as we are affiliates of Heart of GA Board of Realtors as well.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Highest Priority

When you choose Lifeline Home Inspections, we are thorough in providing information about the overall conditions of a home. This includes the home’s strengths as well as the weaknesses. All of our residential and light property inspections come with a 90-day warranty to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with the inspection services they receive. With a competitive real estate market like the one we are in, research has shown that when your clients are fully satisfied with their experience, you are more likely to get on-going referrals. A complete home inspection of the property they are trying to purchase will help the process to be a smooth one and leave your client satisfied.

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The experience and dedication that Lifeline Home Inspections has to back each and every one the home inspections that we provide, leave agents glad they chose to work with us. With agents and buyers in mind, we work to provide a comprehensive home inspection each and every time. Call us today!

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