Aerial Drone Roof & Home Services & Inspections

With technology ever evolving, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that drones are being used as helpful tools in the home inspection process. When using a drone to assist in a home inspection, there isn’t anyone more qualified to get the job done that the inspection experts at Lifeline Home Inspections. We have found great value in applying aerial drone footage as we complete home inspections. This latest technology in home inspections gives us the ability to get a bird’s eye view of the roof and other elements of the home.

Drone Footage Roof Inspections

When our home inspectors use drones to give the roof of your home a thorough inspection, it is much safer than traditional methods. No longer is it a dangerous situation when inspecting the roof. We are able to get photos of the roof at all angles without stepping foot on the steep pitch of your roof. Likewise, we are able to walk homeowners through the complete inspection of their roof; pointing out potential problems without having to put anybody in danger of falling.

Drone Footage is Quicker & Saves Time

We used to have to take the time to find the perfect way to get up on a roof, setting up ladders and walking the entire surface to complete a roof inspection. With drone footage, we are able to do the job much faster. With a complete picture of your roof at all angles, we are able to complete the inspection in a matter of minutes, saving everyone time.

Aerial Drone Roof & Home Inspection Photos & More in Fulton, Spalding, Coweta, Douglas & Fayette County, GA

Lifeline Home Inspections offers thorough home and commercial inspections with detailed reports that can include drone photos if you wish. Call us today to include drone footage in your next home inspection!

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