Buying a House with Atlas Chalet Shingles in Zebulon, GA; Discontinued, Defective Roofing Material & Other Problems

While there are several different roofing materials that can be used to construct your roof, not all of them are high quality and do their job well. One of type of shingle that has made a poor name for itself is the Atlas Chalet Shingle. These shingles are found on many houses because when they…

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Retaining Wall Inspection in Brooks, GA to Detect Defects & Problems with Cantilever & Other Walls

Many properties have a retaining wall that is designed to keep the land behind it from sliding. These walls are important for the property they are on and are often overlooked when an inspection is underway. It is important that these walls are properly inspected for a number of reasons. Lifeline Home Inspections is here…

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