What to Do Before You Schedule a House Inspection in Peachtree City, GA; Research Home Inspectors & More

When you decide to schedule a home inspection service, whether you are selling, securing a new mortgage, or looking to prioritize your home improvements, there are a few suggestions you should consider beforehand. Today, we at Lifeline Home Inspections would like to share a few recommendations that will make your home inspection a lot more efficient and smoother before you schedule.

Research Home Inspectors

Inspections are not a one fits all process. You need an experienced inspector that is licensed. Take the time to research their reviews and other recommendations. Call and get a feel for the potential candidates as well before hiring.

Schedule Home Inspection Date & Time

Choose a day, and reserve a few hours to be present during the inspection before you schedule your home inspection. Though it is good to be there in case they have questions or need you to unlock restricted areas of your home for example, you do not have to follow the inspector around the entire time.

Make Simple Home Repairs Before Sellers or Home Maintenance Inspection

To help you to get a better report, should there be any minor repairs, you can get them done before the date of your inspection. A few quick fixes include tending to damaged trim; shingles, duct work, as well as tile and grout; plumbing leaks; caulk or weather stripping around the windows and doors etc.

Clean Before Maintenance or Pre Listing Home Inspection

A little dust on the knick-knacks is not a concern for your inspector, however, their job involves inspecting wiring and appliances. They will need to be able to rapidly and easily get to these areas. Ensure that the washing machine and dishwasher are emptied and that any clutter is clear out of the way.

Light Bulb Replacement

All fixtures are verified by the inspector of being in good working order. Allow the inspectors the ability to easily check and move on to the next task by replacing any blown light bulbs.

Make All Areas Accessible for Home Inspection

Around the attic, in the basement or any crawl space, the inspector will need to be able to look around. Be sure that these areas are accessible and unlocked on the day of your inspection, as they need to go over every inch of your home.

Before Home Inspector Arrives, Conduct Yard Maintenance

The home’s foundation and outdoor wiring is carefully examined by the inspector. To avoid impeding their job, make it simpler for the inspector by raking yard debris away from the foundation and cutting back shrubs or bushes.

Collect Important Documents

Before a home inspection that often gets overlooked is being prepared with important records is one of the top things to do. Any repair records or the land survey, or other documents may need to be reviewed. Before your appointment to avoid any delay, get these documents together.

Secure Pets During Home Inspection

During the inspection, and for the safety of your pets, keep them locked up or boarded. Keep in mind that the inspector will be both in and outdoors, and that you if you should have any areas that are routinely locked, make sure the door is open.

Know Location of Outdoor Features

Be prepared to point them out to the inspector if you have a septic tank or well. In order to examine them, they will need to know exactly.

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