Commercial Real Estate Property & Building Inspection

Lifeline Home Inspections conduct inspections for both residential homes and commercial businesses in the Metro Atlanta, GA area. We have all the necessary credentials; licensing, certifications and insurance to better provide our valued customers with home and commercial inspections. With our vast years of experience, Lifeline Home Inspections can find any potential problems within the building. With all the facts, you can better decide on the home or commercial property investment you are considering.

Detecting Construction Defects & Commercial Property Issues

Investing in commercial buildings is a big commitment and one not to take lightly. Though there could be a decent presentation for your inspection, you are only being exposed to the exterior surface layer. Dropping a substantial dollar amount can make anyone hesitant, but what if after you spend a small fortune for the commercial building, you find you have a lemon, and then you spend more money than what it as worth to get it up to code and strengthen various aspects of the building. Fortunately you have an ally on your side. Lifeline Home Inspections offers commercial inspection from an unbiased point of view.

What Does a Commercial Building & Property Inspection Include

Lifeline Home Inspections professionals utilize our experience, training and overall expertise to conduct a thorough inspection on your commercial building prospect. Having all the facts regarding the commercial building can help you better determine the pros and cons on investing in that particular commercial property. There are countless specifics professional inspectors at Lifeline Home Inspections look for in each element of the composition of a commercial building.

The General Components of a Commercial Property Inspection Include:
– Structure and foundation of the building.
– Current roof condition, along with its predicted longevity in its present state.
– Building envelope.
– Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility.
– Electrical; wiring, electrical panels, circuit breakers, outlets and light switches.
– Tenant improvements.
– Pavement systems.
– Plumbing; pipes and fixtures.
– HVAC System; heating, air conditioning, air ducts, ventilations, and thermostats.
– Conveyance and elevator systems.
– Irrigation, landscaping, drainage and site grading.

Commercial Property Inspection Findings & Report

Each of our inspectors has complete knowledge and expertise to fully detail each subject of the commercial building’s integrity to determine the measure of repairs, replacements and maintenance that building requires. During the findings Lifeline Home Inspections can determine:
– If the building’s design is inadequate.
– If any systems or structure is worn along with the diligence of maintenance.
– Deterioration of any equipment.
– The quality of workmanship.

Commercial Real Estate Property & Building Inspections in Metro Atlanta, GA

Lifeline Home Inspections professionals can determine the quality of the commercial building in the Metro Atlanta, GA to better aid you in your quest for selecting a promising investment in your commercial building purchase. Enlisting the commercial inspection service from Lifeline Home Inspections is well worth time and money. Our specialists include a full detailed report of the entire analysis of each component of the commercial building. Be sure to bookmark our page or even better, program our contact information in your phone for future scheduling on commercial or residential inspections.

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