Benefits of Pre-Listing Real Estate Home Inspector Reports for Sellers in Griffin, GA

A home inspection for sellers, also referred to as a pre-listing home inspection is a useful tool that can uncover any potential issues that could ruin the future sale of your home. Home sellers are finding a great deal of value in pre-listing inspections and the old adage “knowledge is power” definitely rings true when it comes to reducing the risk of having a potential buyer walk from the sale of your property.

Real Estate Negotiation Tips for Sellers

While it is certainly true that knowledge is power, being forewarned is also an excellent home selling negotiating tool. Many homeowners think their home and the components within it are in good working order when they place the home on the sales market. An offer comes in, terms are accepted and the buyer’s home inspection takes place only to reveal a list of problems within the home. Before you know it, the buyer is asking for a reduction in the sales price or a long list of repairs or even worse they pull out of the sale altogether. A pre-listing inspection provides a written report which primarily concerns the pre-sale condition of the property uncovering any potential issues such as damaged ducts, missing insulation or a roof issue that has resulted in water damage all of which have the capacity to compromise the sale of your property.

Importance of Pre Listing Home Inspection Reports

The professional inspectors at Lifeline Home Inspections understand the importance of a home inspection or pre-listing inspection for sellers and the many benefits it entails including:
Fast Home Sale Time: Selling agents can help you decide which areas to work that will most improve the appeal of your home and offer advice on any necessary repairs in order of importance.
Home Inspection Choices: As the seller of the property, you have the option of deciding which home inspection company you want to hire to perform your inspection. You can also provide valuable information to your inspector including equipment maintenance, dates of any improvements and the types of improvements made and explanations for the current conditions within the home.
Home Repairs: Sellers have the luxury of time to make repairs which allows the seller to compare bids on any work that needs to be completed allowing the seller to provide full disclosure to the potential buyer without any unnecessary and unwanted surprises.
Accurate Home Sale Price: A seller or pre-listing home inspection will allow your agent to set your selling price based on your level of expectations and it can also be used to substantiate a higher asking price.
No Last Minute Surprises: Agents on both sides of the table will have fewer issues at the time of closing and buyers may even waive their inspection based on the findings of a third party Lifeline Home Inspections and our comprehensive detailed pre-listing inspection report.
Full Disclosure of Home Condition: There are many benefits to the buyer as well as the seller including a third-party review of the home’s condition which can assist the buyer with available finance options.
Stress Free Home Selling: A pre-listing inspection can remove doubt in the buyers mind regarding the purchase which in turn reduces the stress associated with purchasing a home.

Pre-Listing Home Seller Inspections & More in Fulton, Spalding, Coweta, Douglas, Pike, Upson & Fayette County, GA

Pre-listing inspections are becoming more and more common and may soon even surpass home inspections in popularity. A home inspection either by the seller or the buyer is one of great importance and will protect all parties involved with the sale by providing invaluable information about the condition of the property and the working mechanisms within the home. For more information about residential home and commercial property inspections for buyers and sellers, contact the experienced staff at Lifeline Home Inspections today.

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