Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers; Call the Professional Property Inspectors in Atlanta, GA

Buying a home can be a really exciting time. A new chapter in your life, and you have your checklist prepared to find the right house. But from the layman’s perspective, you may not realize that perfect house you finally found is actually falling apart from the inside out. That’s where a professional home inspector comes in. A home inspector has the expertise to give your house a complete once over. The idea is similar to when you hire a mechanic to inspect a used car before buying, or go to the doctor for your yearly health checkup. The home inspector checks the home to ensure you are not buying a huge problem, or multiple problems.

Why Home Inspections for Buyers Are So Important

Lifeline Home Inspections would like to offer the advantages and benefits of hiring a home inspector when buying your next home.
1. Common Home Inspection Findings; Home Inspectors See Past Outward Appearances. This is a great advantage when buying a brand new home, fresh from the construction process. Many folks are under the common misconception that just because a home has just completed construction, that everything is in order. Codes are up to date, wiring has been executed correctly, plumbing systems function, and everything is in pristine, working condition. Just because the home is hot off the presses, and the modern flooring and countertops are extraordinary, the sparkling clean windows glimmer and the bathrooms are glamorous; all that doesn’t mean there isn’t any underlining problems. Whether the home is brand new, a refurbished old fashioned home, or anything in between, hiring a home inspector can get you a better understanding of any problems that the house may have.
2. Home Inspections Help Save Money. Home inspectors generally cost anywhere from $250-$500 for their services. A few people might be turned off by paying that kind of money out of pocket. But, think of the home inspector as a one time payment for peace of mind. Paying the fee is a lot cheaper than rewiring an electrical system, or repairing structural damage done by termites or improper construction.
3. Negotiating House Price After Home Inspection. If there is a home you absolutely adore and have fallen in love with, but is just outside your price range, having a home inspection might be just what the doctor ordered. After a review of the home inspector’s detailed report, you can use the need for repairs to negotiate the price down. With hard facts the original homeowner has in hand, coming down in their price might be better suited for both you, and a successful agreement can be made.
4. Buyers Repair Addendum; Seller Repairs Before Closing. Not only could you have the upper hand in negotiating a more affordable price, but you could have a repairs written in your agreement and contract the homeowner to have major issues fixed. If the homeowner is unwilling, you can get estimates for fixing the issues, and negotiate to take it from the selling price. People can’t argue with facts.
5. Home Inspection Means No Surprises. In any case, when you buy your home, having a home inspector perform their trade, means you will have no surprises once you have moved in. Home inspectors cannot predict the future, but we can determine if there will be any immediate problems, and knowing what you are in store for is always better than having unexpected catastrophes.

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Lifeline Home Inspections has the experience and knowledge to help you when buying your home. When there is a particular home you are interested in, don’t dive in blindly, hire us to perform our thorough home inspection to determine the condition of that home. Call us today!

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