When to Walk Away from Foundation Issues After a Home Inspection in College Park, GA; Cracks, Shifting House & More

Foundational issues in your home is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Maybe that’s why so many homeowners ask what signs are present when they suspect foundation problems. It’s an excellent question when you consider the sooner you work to fix these repairs, the better. Over time, a foundation issue can become much worse when it is left alone, making quick action key in saving your home and your pocketbook. Lifeline Home Inspections is here to talk about what signs may be present when you have foundation issues.

Cracks, Sinking House & Obvious Signs of Foundation Problems

There are many foundation issues that will leave behind rather obvious signs. Some of the most obvious signs of foundation problems include:
– Cracks in walls
– Doors that stick
– Sagging floors
– Pooling water near the foundation
– A wet crawl space after a rainstorm

Signs of Subtle Foundation Issues

There are signs of foundation problems that some homeowners will mistake for something else. For instance, if you have a basement and you smell foul smells coming from it or have noticed that there are higher levels of humidity in your home, it can mean foundation problems. These issues often go unnoticed by someone that doesn’t have the training needed to identify the problem.

Drainage & Shifting House Foundations

For homes that have basements or crawlspaces, drainage is the number one cause of foundation problems. As the soil around the foundation of the home swells with added moisture that isn’t draining properly, it can create a great deal of pressure on the walls that will cause cracking. Not only can this added moisture cause cracks and bowing walls, it can also lead to moisture issues like mold and mildew. It is essential that the ground surrounding your home has been graded to keep moisture from pooling up around the foundation.

Identification of Foundation Issues

Like mentioned above, moisture and shifting is the cause of foundation problems. Following are some of the ways that you can detect a problem.
– Moist Basement: When there is moisture in the basement, it can leave a dank, musty smell. This is something that should never be ignored.
– Pests: Pests like centipedes, silverfish, pillbugs and roaches are often drawn to added moisture and can be a sign that there is a problem.
– Uneven/Sagging Floors: If you have noticed that the floors in your home are uneven or sagging, this is a big sign of a foundation issue.
– Crooked Doors: As the foundation settles, cracks or shifts, it can leave you with doors that are uneven.
– Standing Water: You shouldn’t ever see standing water in your crawlspace after a large rainstorm.

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