How to Choose a Home Inspector in Roswell, GA; Reviews, Certification, Sample Home Inspection Report & More

Are you buying or selling a home? When you want to buy or even sell your home you will want to have your home inspected. As a buyer you want to make sure your future investment is a good one. As a seller it is natural to get the full value out of your home and you want to make sure everything is in great shape. When you need to hire a home inspector you will want a person who will do a thorough and honest inspection of the home. Lifeline Inspection Services will share what qualities to look for when hiring a home inspector.

Should Buyer or Seller Be Present at Home Inspection?

When you need to have a home inspection, either for a seller or as a buyer, it is always a good sign if the home inspector wants you present during the inspection. When a home inspector wants you present during the inspection it is to provide answers to questions and to reveal any problems or issues they may discover. The buyer or seller isn’t required to attend during a home inspection. However, if they invite you to be present during an inspection you can be sure that the inspector will be thorough and honest.

Home Inspector Reviews

When you need to hire a home inspector most people will start their search online. When looking for a quality home inspector go over reviews and see what people are saying about the inspector’s services. Another option in finding a home inspector is by asking around. Ask friends, co-workers, or family members if they have had any experience with a home inspector or if they have any recommendations. When seeking a quality home inspector, make sure to get one with good reviews or go with hands on recommendations.

Home Inspection Certification

What many people do not know is that there is no requirement or certification needed to be a home inspector in the state of Georgia. Because of this quality control can be difficult if not held to standards. When looking for a quality home inspection service, some will still seek out proper training and certification. Those who are certified and are members of the ICA or Internachi are part of a greater home inspection organization and promises to have higher standards. When looking online or calling different home inspection services, ask if they are members of any home inspection organization and are certified.

Sample Home Inspection Report

When contacting home inspection services, ask if they provide a sample report. A sample report will help you to see what is covered in a home inspection. Some, but not all, inspection services will provide additional services such as radon testing, mold testing and more. Some sample reports may not report additional inspection services, so you may want to ask or look over their website. Often they will provide that information on the website.

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