What is the Final Walkthrough when Closing on a House & How Does it Differ from a Home Inspection in Peoplestown, GA

There are many hoops you have to jump through during the home buying process. It can leave you feeling more than exhausted. Something you want to make sure you participate in and pay close attention to is the final walkthrough that is usually done near your closing date. Lifeline Inspection Services is here to share some tips that will help make your final walkthrough a success.

Reschedule Final Walk Through in the Case of Inclement Weather

Sometimes it seems like Murphy’s Law is really against you when you need things to fall into place for your favor. If you are scheduled to take your final walkthrough and find that the weather is going to be stormy, you should consider rescheduling it. In the case of severe weather, there is always a chance that it can cause damage to the home. Sometimes the damage is mild, and then there are other instances where there is significant damage that will need to be repaired before the closing can happen. Another factor is the access to the outside of the property. You want to have the chance to look at every angle of the house during this walkthrough and bad weather would stand in your way of that.

Schedule Your Pre-Closing Walk Through at the Right Time

You want the final walkthrough of the property you are in line to purchase to be as close to your closing date as possible. It is wise to have the walkthrough take place within 24 hours of your closing appointment. There are some cases where the closing may happen one to two days before closing, but you are better off having the walkthrough as close as possible to your closing date.

Final Walkthrough Checklist

There are several things you should be looking for in your final walkthrough. Here is a list of some of the things that you want to be sure you take a look at.
– Turn on and off all the lights in the house as well as any ceiling fans to make sure they are working properly.
– Check the electrical outlets by bringing something that you can plug in.
– Turn on the heat as well as the air conditioning to be sure they are both working properly.
– Flush toilets to check for leaks.
– Open & close all the doors & windows in the house.
– Check the exterior of the home for any new issues.
– Turn on & test the fireplace for proper function.
– Turn on all the sinks & faucets to make sure they all work and there are no leaks.

Walk Through VS Home Inspection

Home inspections are done by professionals like Lifeline Home Inspections who look for serious structural issues like bad foundations, electrical wiring and plumbing. On the other hand, a final walk through comes typically just before closing, to make sure buyers are getting what they are paying for.

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It is important to remember that this final walkthrough doesn’t replace the actual home inspection. At Lifeline Inspection Services, we provide our clients with thorough inspections that will find any potential problems in a property that they are getting ready to purchase. Call us today!

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