Worst Floor Home Inspection Findings in East Point, GA; Gap Between Flooring & Wall, Water Damage & More

When a home inspector is on site they will look at all of the elements of the home including the condition of the flooring. A home can have a number of different types of flooring such as carpet, wood floor, vinyl, tile and even concrete. Each type of flooring is prone to their own types of flaws and or damages. Lifeline Home Inspections will share some of the common flaws or damages found on floors during a home inspections that can reduce the value of the home.

Gap Between Floor & Wall

When there are solid floors such as tile, wood, laminate, or vinyl flooring, the home inspector will look for certain flaws. One of the common issues with solid floors is the edges. The edges of the flooring should be between ¼ to 1/8 inch away from the wall. The gap between the wall and the floor should also be covered with trim work. During a home inspection, the inspector will find either the distance between the wall and the flooring is way too far or way too close. If the edges are too close, the flooring material cannot expand and contract without cupping or damaging the flooring or walls. As most flooring material will expand and contract, wood based flooring is one of the flooring material most prone to expanding and contracting. During a home inspection an inspector never wants to see improper distancing between the floor and the walls.

Water Damaged Floors

Another issue that creeps up is water damaged flooring and mold. Mold can be discovered in the surface of or underneath the flooring which is a major health concern. Water damage also greatly reduces the condition of the flooring and its longevity. Water damage is very commonly found in basements and or in laundry rooms. Water damage is never a good element to discover inside the home. Flooring with severe water damage has no value and will reduce the value of the home. For those who are trying to sell their home it is important to have water damaged flooring replaced. Even a cheap flooring can improve the value of the home.

Hardwood Floor Buckling, Cupping & Other Damage

Hardwood floors is one of the best types of flooring you can have in your home. Hardwood floor adds value to the home and is highly desired. However, if not properly maintained, they can be a nightmare for home inspectors. Hardwood floors that are not maintained can develop a number of problems. On common problem is cupping or warping which wood will do if exposed to high humidity and or water damage. Note that warping, mold or water damage is often discovered during a home inspection. When hardwood floors are faded, or scraped up they will require refinishing, which in some cases the condition of the wood floor can reduce the value of the home a little. If a buyer needs to refinish the floor they can put in an offer that is less of the home’s value. Improperly maintained floors is another common sight for home inspectors. As scratches or faded wood floors aren’t a major concern, it will still reflect negatively on the rest of the home.

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