What to Expect from a Home Inspection when Selling Your House in Villa Rica, GA

Are you planning on putting your home on the market? If you are preparing to sell your home and want to make sure you get the entire value of your home, then consider having your home inspected. A home inspector can help you sell your home and for its full value. Lifeline Home Inspections will explain the many benefits of having your home inspected before you put it up for sale.

Benefits of a Pre Listing Home Inspection

Helps to Set Home Price: When you put your home up for sale, and you have an inspection completed first, it can help determine how much your home is worth and how much to sell your home for. Depending on your situation, you may want the inspection to help locate needed repairs or to offer to sell your home as is. Being up front gives the buyer confidence in the seller and that you are honest and not trying to hide the homes flaws. Being open and upfront with a home inspection report is as honest as honest gets when selling your home.
Attract More Buyers: After having your home inspected with little to no negative reflections on the inspectors report is a great advertisement. You know your home has been thoroughly inspected in search of flaws. If your home comes back with a clean report, it ensures the value of your home and you can place a fixed sale price. An inspection report also can reveal the home’s upgrades or enhanced features that may also help lure in more buyers.
Complete Repairs Before Putting House on Market: If you’re planning on selling your home and you have done the obvious fixes but want to make sure that your home has no major problems, an inspection is vital. After a home inspection the inspector’s report can help provide you with a list or flaws or structural concerns. You can have the repairs done before you put your home up for sale and increase the home’s value. You can have your home inspected at any time. Even if you are not sure when you want to sell your home but want to get started on the essential repairs and what to know what upgrades can be done on the home, having the home inspected can help.
Helps Determine Home Value: It’s hard to determine the home’s actual worth without have the home appraised. Essentially, a home inspector and appraiser look for the same things but with different objectives. A home inspector will go through the home and make sure all of the electrical, plumbing and structural features of the home are up to code and not in a questionable state. An appraiser will also access the home’s features and if they too are up to date along with other interior features that either add, maintain or diminishes the home’s value. Start will a home inspection and do the repairs discovered by the home inspector before having your home appraised. The appraiser will be the last step in determining the home’s final value.

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If you’re preparing to put your home up for sale, consider having a home inspector do a thorough inspection on your home to help aid you in selling your home. For professional residential and commercial inspections, contact Lifeline Home Inspections and schedule our services today.

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