What to Expect from a Home Inspection in Fayetteville, GA; Structural, Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC & More

For those who are looking to buy a home never sign anything until the home has been inspected by a quality and honest home inspection service. They know the true condition of the home and its many components. Therefore, it is important to have the home inspected. When inspecting a home an inspector will do a thorough inspection to look for the good and the bad. For those new to home inspections and not sure what to expect, Lifeline Inspection Services will share what is covered during a home inspection and how they can provide peace of mind to a buyer.

What is Covered in a Home Inspection

A home inspector is both a buyer’s and seller’s greatest ally. Their purpose is to do an inspection of a home, seek out its flaws and ensure the homes is in good condition. During a home inspection the inspector will look at a number of different aspects of the home. If a problem is discovered, the buyer can either walk away from the home or request the problem is corrected before purchasing the home. The buyer can also negotiate the final price of the home lower than its value as the buyer will take on the repairs themselves. A seller has the opportunity to address issues before the home is put on the market. This limits negotiation and helps the home to sell faster. As a buyer or seller, you may wonder how thorough a home inspector is. Below is a brief list of home inspection items.

Structural Home Inspection

The home structure and framing is inspected to ensure the home was built to code and for any possible weaknesses in the materials. Wood rot, pest damage, and water damage can compromise the structure integrity and are some of the flaws an inspector will look for.

Roof Inspection Before Buying or Selling a House

The roof is also inspected. The inspector will look at every detail of the roof. The roof exterior and interior materials are checked for damage, missing tiles or shingles, and water damage. If the roof has skylights or a chimney present, they are also inspected.

Inspecting Ventilation & Insulation During a Home Inspection

The ventilation in the attic is essential to the roof’s health as well as that of the entire home. Attic ventilation is checked to make sure it meets all proper requirements and is up to code. Along with the ventilation, the attic’s insulation is also checked, making sure the home is properly insulated. Other features of the home ventilation system, its exhaust system from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room are also checked to see if all systems are in working order.

Home Inspection Plumbing

A home inspector will look over basic plumbing and plumbing features. They will check faucets, bath or showers, toilets, washing machine, dishwasher, and exterior spouts and irrigation systems. A home inspector will check all exposed piping and walls where piping runs for sign of leaks. When inspecting the plumbing, water pressure is tested and signs for clogs in the drainage system.

Electrical Inspection

When inspecting the electrical system light/fan switches, and outlets/receptacles are checked to see if they work and are up to code. The electrical panel is checked and breakers are tested. All electrical features such as lights, fans, garbage disposal and etc. will be checked to make sure they all work.

Inspection of HVAC

Of course the home heating and cooling system will be checked for any signs of leakage or damages. The heating and cooling system will be turned on to make sure they work accordingly. The inspector will make sure the HVAC system follows all state codes and regulations.

Interior & Exterior Construction Home Inspection

The inspector will also check the home interior and exterior materials for signs of mold, water damage, pests, and natural decay. Other exterior features such as deck, pergolas, pools, spa, windows and doors are inspected as well. Inside the home, the stairs, railing, ceiling and other primary features are inspected for damages or any other hazard they could pose.

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This is a brief list a quality home inspector will cover. Each home will vary and so will the inspector report. A home inspector ensures the quality of the home and help provide a detailed report on the home in question. For home or light commercial inspections, contact Lifeline Inspection Services today.

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