What to Expect from a Home Inspection in Atlanta, GA; Visual & Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Inspections & More

Most people know that when they purchase a home, they are going to need to have the home inspected by a professional home inspector prior to closing. There are other instances when a home inspection can be extremely helpful though. Many people will have their home inspected prior to listing the home for sale, others will have an inspection when they are curious as to what maintenance their home could use. At any rate, if you haven’t dealt with home inspections before, you may be wondering what a home inspection entails. Lifeline Inspection Services is here to answer some of those questions.

Home Inspections are Mostly Visual

When you have a home inspector come to inspect your home or one that you are preparing to purchase, the inspector will walk through the home and visually look at every inch of the home they can see. There are areas of the home that are permanently hidden behind walls and those areas aren’t going to be excluded from the report either. Any area in the home that is accessible, will be inspected during the inspection and some home inspectors like Lifeline Home Inspections offer infrared camera inspections to detect moisture and other problems that can’t be clearly seen.

Home Inspections Ensure Safety

During a home inspection, the inspector will be looking for anything in the home that is deemed unsafe. This could include exposed wiring that isn’t up to code and clearly isn’t safe. It may also include mold growth that can be a hazard to your health. Sometimes, when it comes to mold growth, it is hidden behind walls and can’t be spotted by a home inspector. There may also be things like venting issues for a microwave that aren’t safe or decks that are missing safety railings that can be noted by a home inspector.

Home Inspectors Check for System Defects

There are many systems that run a household. Some of the systems that an inspector will be taking a close look at include space and water heating equipment, air conditioning equipment and even furnaces and air filters. These are all systems that are vital to the functioning of a home and a potential buyer should be aware of whether they work or not. Replacing them is a large expense that should be factored into the purchase price.

Home Inspectors Look for Hazardous Materials

Home inspectors want to make sure the home they are inspecting is a safe place to be. To do this, they will be looking for any hazardous materials that would make it unsafe. This could include asbestos, lead paint, water purity issues or other environmental issues. If any of these are found, it will be noted in the inspection so the problem can be corrected prior to selling the home, or the cost of repairs will create an adjusted selling price.

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If you in need of a home inspection, you can trust that the professionals at Lifeline Inspection Services will give you a thorough inspection that will give you a better idea of the condition of the property being inspected. Call us today!

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