What to Expect During a Home Inspection in Newnan, GA; Questions to Ask an Inspector

Buying a home is a stressful experience and it is inevitable that you will be faced with different obstacles before making a final commitment. Of course you will want to make the best possible choices, for example, you will want to find a home in a good neighborhood with the best schools and the convenience of a great shopping area. But how do you ensure the home you are purchasing is structurally sound? The experienced professionals at Lifeline Home Inspections understand the inner mechanical workings of your potential new home. In our experience the home you purchase will probably be your home for a good period of time. Before you finalize your closing, you will want to know whether the home you are purchasing has a sound roof, along with plumbing and electrical systems that are working correctly and much more.

Answers to Must Ask Questions Before a Home Inspection

A home inspector from Lifeline Home Inspections can determine if the home you are purchasing has any potential issues. Here are six things we want you to know about their comprehensive home inspection process:
1. We will focus on providing you with a complete evaluation of the property that you are considering for purchase. The experts at Lifeline Home Inspections are members of and abide by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). We will carefully inspect the systems of the property along with the structure to ensure the home you are purchasing is in good working order.
2. Our home inspectors work for you. At Lifeline Home Inspections, our job is to ensure that your interests are first and forefront and as objective as possible.
3. Our equipment is the best available to ensure that we can give you a report that is accurate, comprehensive and detailed. Our evaluation is designed to determine current conditions and assess and locate areas that may become problematic in the future.
4. Our service is guaranteed even when our report is less than favorable and you may be disappointed with our findings. At Lifeline Home Inspections, our inspectors will always report the results honestly, no matter what. While you may not want to hear our final determination you can be assured that all of our reports, good and bad will give you the information you need to make an informed final decision.
5. Home inspectors are legally bound to avoid conflict of interest. A home inspector should never offer to make repairs on a property that he or she has inspected. If a home inspector finds an issue with your electrical system, and then offers to repair it, he or she is essentially breaking the law. A Lifeline Home Inspections inspector will never offer to make repairs on the property, regardless of the circumstances.
6. Lastly, an inspector will take the time needed to explain our report in detail and answer your questions. Our job is to find out all there is to know about the condition of the property you are thinking about purchasing along with any problems areas. Our final commitment to our clients is to communicate the information to you with as much detail as possible.

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If you are thinking about purchasing property in the Metro Atlanta area, turn to the professionals at Lifeline Home Inspections to assist you. We are licensed, insured, ICA certified, members of ASHI and Affiliates with the Heart of GA Board of Realtors. Contact our offices today for more information on residential and commercial property inspections.

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