What Inspectors Look for in a New Construction Home Inspection in Senoia, GA; Poor Framing & More

When looking for a home, many people will look for newly constructed homes in which to have a fresh start. A newly built home seems to promise no problems making the new home a very attractive investment. However, newly built homes are not all what they seem to be and many have hidden problems. Some problems with newly constructed homes may be minor while other problems are rather significant. Lifeline Home Inspections will share why new construction inspections are essential to provide confidence for home buyers.

Common Home Inspection Problems Found in New Construction

There are a lot of common mistakes found when inspecting newly constructed homes. Some mistakes can be minor and simple to repair while others can lead to major repairs or replacements. Following are some of the common mistakes found by home inspectors when inspecting newly constructed homes.
• Improper installation of the roof and in some cases, this results in complete roof replacements.
• The mechanical room which houses appliances such as the furnace, water heater or pressure tank is built to small and cannot accommodate the proper appliances for the home.
• The home’s insulation was incorrectly applied or installed. This can result in removing walls and ceilings to properly repair the insulation.
• The siding when used is sometimes improperly installed, requiring re-installation of the siding. If siding isn’t properly installed it can allow for water damage to the home.
• Homes with basements are often not properly insulated. The basement is continually freezing and the cost can be a major investment to heat.
• Crawl space and attics are not always found to have any or proper ventilation. Without proper ventilation, condensation can build up inside the crawl space and cause mold and other water damages.
• Recessed lighting is often not properly insulated and as a result heat loss or air leaks occur. This will cause poor heating and cooling efficiency for the entire home.
• At times the booster pump is found to be leaky. This can lead to a number of different types of water damage throughout the home and will affect the flooring.
• Other common problems found in newly constructed homes are structural issues such as damages to the roof truss system and unusual floor framing configuration.

Flaws in New Build Houses

These are some of the more common problems with newly constructed homes. They are not immune to flaws and are never considered perfect. According to the National Association of Home Builders, there are more then 3000 components used to build a home. It stands to reason that we should expect some flaws in a home. For a buyer seeking a fresh start, minor problems can be easily overcome. However, you do not want to invest in a new home with thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs either. Newly constructed homes are built to code. However, the codes have minimum requirements and developers are always looking for ways to save money. Sometimes they put in cheap appliances, plumbing systems and more.

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When looking to buy a newly constructed home make sure to seek a professional home inspector to ensure the value of the home and its construction. For quality home inspections, contact Lifeline Inspections Services today.

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