Warning Signs You Need a New Roof in Lithia Springs, GA; Home Inspection Discovered Major Roofing Damage & More

If you are getting ready to purchase a home, there are many parts of home ownership that can be a big undertaking. You need to keep up with the maintenance of every aspect of your home so that you don’t face steep repair costs down the road. One of the biggest parts of your home that many homeowners tend to forget about until there is a problem is the roof. If your roof needs to be replaced, there are likely many different signs that are present to indicate there is a problem with it before you need to replace it. Lifeline Home Inspections is here to share some signs that indicate a new roof is in order.

Types of Roof Damage

If you have roof damage, there are several ways that it may present itself. Following are some of the most common signs of roof damage.
– Dark Streaks on Roof: At first glance, dark streaks may look like your roof is dirty. In reality, this is likely caused by moss, lichen or blue-green algae.
– Roof Shingle Damage: At the end of their life, shingles can start to look worse for wear. They may start to curl up on the corners, become cracked & brittle or simply fall off. This is a big indication that you need a new roof.
– Roof Sheathing Decay: This is the layer of plywood that makes up the foundation of your roof and is visible around the outer edges of the roof. When this part starts to decay, it is usually because moisture is in the layers of your roof or there is poor ventilation.
– Ceiling Stains: You never want to see stains on your ceiling, but if you do, it means that there is water leaking somewhere and its likely from your roof.
– Attic Leaking: After severe weather, it’s a good idea to check your attic for any signs that leaking has happened.

Roof Maintenance & Inspection

You should know what age your roof is. This has a lot to do with when you will need to replace it. Most people can plan to get around 20 years out of their roof before it needs replacing. It is important you are keeping a close eye on the condition of your roof though. You should be giving it an inspection twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. If you experience severe weather, you may want to check things out when it is safe to get up there as well. If you notice that your neighbors are starting to replace their roofs, it may be getting close to your time as these houses were probably built around the same time.

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