Strange & Creepy Things Found in Abandoned or Occupied Houses During Home Inspections

Any time you get your home inspected, you know that inspector will be going through it with a fine toothed comb. Sometimes, there are things found that surprise even the most seasoned inspectors. Some of the items inspectors have found in homes during inspection will blow your mind. Lifeline Home Inspections is here to talk about some of the craziest things that inspectors have found and reported when they are out on the job.

Exploding Smoke Detectors

One inspector reported that he walked into the house to inspect the home on the hottest day of the summer. The owners had moved out the previous day and didn’t have the electricity turned off while leaving the air conditioning system on high. This would have been thoughtful, but when he entered the home, there was smoke coming from none other than the smoke detector. It was actually on fire and ironically almost burned the house down.

Cling Wrap Plumbing Pipe Repair

This could be one of the most insane plumbing methods in history. During a routine home inspection, the inspector needed to give the plumbing a closer look. The homeowners couldn’t be bothered with traditional plumbing repairs. They decided they would handle the issue on their own and repaired their waste line using none other than cellophane cling wrap and some tape. Not only is this disgusting, but poses a health risk as well.

Dead Mouse, Rodent or Wild Animal in Furnace

During an inspection, one of the places that is thoroughly inspected is the furnace. Actually, your furnace should be inspected annually as part of proper maintenance, but obviously the next homeowner skipped that a year or two in a row. This inspector stumbled upon a multitude of fried bats, squirrels, rats and mice that had been fried when they chose the furnace to build their nests and roost. Talk about a health hazard!

Rattle Snake in Shed

When an inspector is inspecting a property, that means the outside as well as in. In this next case, there was a shed that needed to be walked through and it’s a good thing the inspector gave it a look. When the door opened, she noticed that there was a peculiar head poking out from underneath a shelf and found a rattlesnake. Not only one, actually two rattlesnakes were in there and getting ready to mate. Good thing they were found before the problem got a whole lot worse.

Pet Sematary?

Another inspector came upon perhaps the most peculiar and creepy of them all; a pet graveyard. During inspection of the basement, there were several noticeable patches of repaired concrete on the floor. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that under every patch job was deceased animal remains.

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Hopefully, you don’t have anything near this crazy when you are facing a home inspection. Although, the experienced inspectors at Lifeline Home Inspections could surely handle it. You can count on Lifeline Home Inspections for all your buyer or seller inspection needs. Call us today!

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