Is it Safe to Live in a House with Foundation Problems in College Park, GA? Home Inspection Checklist & More

Nobody wants to hear that they are having foundation issues in their home. When your home isn’t on a sure and stable foundation, it can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars to get that problem fixed. In fact, when purchasing a home, many potential buyers will simply walk away from a home if there are foundation problems present. That’s why it is important to notice foundation issues before you purchase a home. Lifeline Home Inspections is here to point out some of the things we look for when inspecting a home that could point to a problem with the foundation.

Fractures & Cracks in Foundation

When there is a foundation problem, there may very well be cracks found in various areas of the home. There is a certain amount of settling that happens naturally within the few couple of years after a home has been built. As a home settles, it can present the problem with cracks or fissures throughout the house. If you look in your basement and notice that there are cracks in the concrete blocks on the walls of your basement, it is a cause for concern. If you notice that there are any horizontal cracks or cracks on a 45 degree angle on any of the interior walls in your home, it is a pretty big sign of trouble. While some cracks in your home are concerning, there are others that are simple cosmetic and no threat at all. That’s why it’s important to have the help of a professional to help you determine what kind of crack you are dealing with.

Doors & Windows that Stick

There are times that your doors or windows may start to stick because humidity can affect wood. As wood swells, especially during humid summer months, you may notice that it is more difficult to open some doors and windows. However, if you can’t open a door at all or notice that one side is higher than the other, it can also be a sign of a foundation problem. You will usually notice that the door is catching on the top of the door when you are dealing with a foundation concern.

Gaps Around Windows & Exterior Doors

Sometimes, when foundation issues are present, you may be able to see visible gaps around the windows of your home. Likewise, these gaps may also be found around exterior doors. If you have double doors, you may notice that they aren’t aligning properly as well when the foundation isn’t right.

Sagging or Uneven Floors

Are there areas in your home that it feels like you are leaning to one side as you walk on the floor? This is a big sign that your home is sinking, and your foundation is compromised. Not only do these floors look bad, but they can be a hazard to the elderly as well as young children.

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While you COULD live in a home with foundation problems, it certainly doesn’t help the resale value. Fixing the issues now could help you when the time comes to sell the home. And if you’re buying a home, make sure you get the proper professional to thoroughly inspect the home. If you are purchasing or selling a home, call on the professionals at Lifeline Home Inspection today for your thorough home inspection. Call us today!

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