Responsibilities & What First Time Buyers Should Expect from a Home Inspection in Hampton, GA

There is quite a process to buying a home, and the home inspection is an essential part of it. With the home inspection, you have an opportunity to learn about the incredible features, enhancements, as well as the flaws, and any concerns. There are many benefits to having an inspection when buying a home, especially as a first time buyer. With this in mind, we at Lifeline Inspection Services would like to share a basic guide as to what to expect from a home inspection.

Home Buyer Responsibilities

As a first time home buyer, most people are under the impression that a purchase package includes the home inspection. The cost, setting the inspection appointment, and the hiring of the inspector independently are all the responsibility of the potential buyer. Because of the overwhelming process of buying a home, it is best to plan an inspection early.

Home Inspection Checklist

Checked by the inspection professional, the structural components are the top priority. The inspections vary depending on the size, location, design of the property, and other specifications. Below are a few examples of what the specialist will inspect.
– Plumbing lines in the interior.
– Insulation.
– The HVAC system.
– The structural components’ condition, including ceilings, walls, floors, and so on.
– The doors, vents, and windows are evaluated.
– The basement and the foundation integrity are checked.
Any detached buildings, roof access or septic tanks are not always included in the inspection though most presume the coverage is detailed. You should ask them what they cover during their inspection, prior to hiring the inspector.

Home Inspection Process

When it comes to the inspection, many buyers want to attend; some professionals encourage it and others prefer to do it solo. When you schedule the appointment, ask the inspector if you should tag along. Being that there are benefits to attending, if the inspector doesn’t mind your company you should go as you can get the specifics as well as guide you through the process where you can ask any advice or questions on maintenance tips. You need to talk to the realtor about any repairs or concerns you find because the inspector does not hold any responsibility for any defects or repairs of the property that get found.

Sharing Home Inspection Report

You have a point of reference with the inspection report if you have to point out issues with the property. Prior to purchasing the home, the report acts as a draft to show the condition of the house. A copy can usually be gotten by the realtor and you should keep the report with the other documents pertaining to the property. As you review the report, always feel welcome to ask any questions.

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Before you get an inspection, there are just a few basics you should know. When looking to buy a house, the process can be challenging, because of the many factors involved along with the paperwork that is to be completed. Lifeline Inspection Services knows of the overwhelming stress that accompanies buying a home, which is why we make the home inspection process as easy as possible. Call Lifeline Inspection Services today to schedule your home inspections and let us get the potential home inspected today.

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