Problems that a Home Inspector Might Find During a Buyer or Seller Property Inspection in Brooks, GA

You have spent months searching the housing market and you have finally found exactly what you have always wanted; your perfect dream home! As easy as it is to get caught up in the excitement of the moment there is an important step to the home purchasing process that should never be overlooked and it’s called a home inspection.

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Lifeline Home Inspections is ICA Certified, Members of ASHI & Affiliates with the Heart of GA Board of Realtors, Licensed Home Inspectors. Our knowledgeable home inspectors have inspected many homes in the Metro Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas and we make it a practice for our home inspectors to receive continued education.

Benefits of a Home Inspection

A home inspection is a wonderful tool that can shed light on any defects or potential problems within a structure and potentially save you thousands of $$$ but there are some things that will be detected during a standard home inspection that may require the assistance of a specialized service provider. To get the most out of your home inspection, the experts at Lifeline Home Inspections have listed the items on your inspection checklist that have the potential to be problem areas.

Areas of a Home Inspection that May Require Specialized Inspections by an Engineer, Electrician, Plumber or HVAC Technician etc

Structural Problems: A home inspector can identify issues such as a sagging roof and other inconsistencies and can tell what appears in the normal range. Just keep in mind that a home inspector is not a licensed structural engineer and cannot identify the severity of a structural problem and how much it might cost to repair. Your home inspector will refer you to an engineer if he finds a problem they are unable to address.
Electrical problems: A home inspection should be considered a visual inspection of the property. Some electrical problems that can be detected include a receptacle that doesn’t have a ground. Your home inspector will identify there is a problem but won’t be able to detect exactly where in the system it is disconnecting and will recommend an electrician who has the tools and specific training to be precise.
Damaged or Partially Blocked Sewer Lines: There are some system problems that don’t immediately show up. A damaged or partially blocked sewer line is one such problem. A home inspection lasts approximately three to four hours. Your Lifeline Home Inspector will run water through the fixtures, but there may not be enough time during the inspection for a problem to present itself. Your Lifeline Home Inspector can identify the type of drain pipe and estimate the age of the pipe as well as look for stumps in and around the sewer pipe that have the potential to cause damage. Your home inspector may recommend a plumber to further analyze any issues he/she finds.
Failing HVAC Equipment: Just like a damaged sewer line, your HVAC system can be working perfectly and completely stop working the next day. It’s fairly common to see an A/C system working when the temperatures are moderate and then fail completely when temperatures sky rocket or plummet putting the unit under stress. This can happen months after the initial inspection. A professional HVAC inspection can be a very expensive undertaking and when you consider the cost of a new unit. It may be more cost effective to either repair or replace the one you have.
Plumbing Leaks: One of the biggest problems with leaks is their ability to be elusive which makes them difficult to be detected by your home inspector. If you are purchasing a home that is empty and the plumbing system is shut off, it may take a couple of days after the water is turned on for any leaks to become visible. Although your home inspector will look for telltale signs of leaks, thet may recommend a plumber to carefully examine the entire plumbing system within the structure.

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The best rule of thumb is to take as many precautions as you can by contacting the certified inspectors at Lifeline Home Inspections. We have extensive experience inspecting homes and we understand which areas are prone to fail and where these failures are the most likely to occur. We have access to reputable specialists in the plumbing, HVAC, electrical and roofing industries that we can offer to you as referrals should our inspectors feel that specialized services are needed to provide a comprehensive list of the types and cost of repairs that may be needed. You can be assured that you and your interests are being taken care of with a detailed Lifeline Home Inspection!

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