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Anytime you are getting ready to make a purchase the size of a house or commercial property, you want to know you are making a knowledgeable decision. If you had a tool available to you that would give you the full picture on a property, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it? Lifeline Home Inspections can give you that information with the help of BuildFax Reports to help you make an informed decision.

What is a BuildFax Reports

When you have a BuildFax report to look at on a property, you have a look into the overall condition of the home. Part of the report includes information about the condition of the HVAC system, roof and plumbing. You can also expect to see the construction history of the home as well as information about the surrounding neighborhood. This data can prove to be invaluable if you are in the process of buying or selling your home.

Importance of BuildFax in the State of Georgia

In areas like Georgia, there are a large number of homes that end up going under construction for remodeling purposes. Not only does Georgia make the top 10 list for areas that have the most residential remodeling done on homes, it is the third! This is why the experts at Lifeline Home Inspections recommend you get the information that proves the renovations are all done with proper permits. Some of the information given on a BuildFax report may be information that the sellers aren’t even aware of.

BuildFax Services

BuildFax offers permit information to all eligible homes in the country. Currently, BuildFax covers 70% of the country’s population. If the property you are interested in is covered by BuildFax, all information available about the property will be available. If the property isn’t covered, there is no way to get this valuable information. At Lifeline Home Inspections, we include a full BuildFax report with all of our completed inspections. It can also be purchased as a standalone option as well.

Information Provided in a BuildFax Report

The information that is provided in a BuildFax report is invaluable when making informed decisions about a property. Here is what you can expect you find with one of these reports.
– Remodeling Projects
– Electrical Service Upgrades
– Construction Additions
– Plumbing
– Roofing
– Doors & Windows
– Roofing
– & More

Lack of Permit Building Information

If there aren’t any permits noted in the history of a property it can mean that there may be hidden problems with it. It can indicate that there hasn’t been any work done on these major components that make up the house. It can also mean that additions and other remodeling projects were done without the proper permits and will have to be taken down and rebuilt. There is also a direct link between a lack of permits and homes that are is disrepair. When a home has been properly maintained, there will be permit information to show it.

BuildFax Reports with Home Inspections in Fulton, Spalding, Coweta, Douglas, Pike, Upson & Fayette County, GA

At Lifeline Home Inspections, we work diligently to ensure you are making an informed decision about a property you are interested in. Call us today!

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