Negotiating Home Inspection Issues in Douglasville, GA; Leaking Gutters, Faulty Wiring & More

When you are getting ready to buy or sell a home, you definitely want a home inspection performed. A home inspection gives the seller peace of mind that the house is in good condition for the new owner and the potential buyer the opportunity to have repairs completed prior to closing and moving in. It is easy to see why home inspections are one of the most important parts of the home buying and selling process. It is therefore important to hire a licensed and experienced home inspector. Lifeline Inspection Services list common problems and mistakes that can be found during a home inspection. Many of them are quite serious and necessitate immediate repairs to keep your family safe once you move in to the premises.

Bad & Faulty Electrical Wiring

One of the most common finds concerns the electrical work and wiring in a home. The electrical wiring runs through the entire home and is a part of every light, outlet, fan and other electrical fixture. Even a small problem with the electrical wiring can escalate quickly and be a serious safety hazard. Some of the common problems we see are outlets that are not working, missing wires, or problems with the circuit box.

Drainage Around House Foundation

Part of a home inspection will be conducted outside the dwelling and around the property. One of the areas we inspect carefully is the properties drainage. If the water around the home is not draining water away from the dwelling’s foundation it can lead to extensive problems with the land and can result in house settling issues as well.

Clogged or Leaking Gutters

The gutters perform an important function for every home. Gutters drain water from the roof to a designated area around your home. If the gutters are leaking or clogged and not draining, ruined or broken, it can cause major problems for the new homeowner. Home inspectors will inspect the entire gutter system to ensure they are draining correctly.

Heating & Air Conditioner Problems

The heating and air conditioning units are a large expense for homeowners so you want to be sure that the HVAC system is functioning and runs the way it is supposed to. We often detect problems early which allows the seller or new buyer to repair them before they escalate to premature replacement.

Buyers & Sellers Home Inspections & More in Fulton, Spalding, Coweta, Douglas, Pike, Upson & Fayette County, Georgia

Lifeline Home Inspections offers thorough inspections that can help find problems with your home. If you are selling your home, you can schedule a home inspection to detect and correct problems. If you are a potential buyer, you can book a home inspection and utilize this information to negotiate a lower sales price with the seller. Don’t let home repairs be an unwanted surprise after you move in. Rather, hire a professional like Lifeline Home Inspections!

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