Most Common House Problems Found During a Residential Home Inspection in McDonough, GA

It can be an overwhelming and stressful decision when purchasing a new home. Most folks make the commitment of buying a house with the intentions of living there for years to come. Buying the home is an adventure to say the least. Finding the desired features and avoiding the ones you loath is truly a challenging task. But beware; what appears to be your dream home could have obvious faults as well as hidden defects. Investing in the services of a home inspector is truly a benefit that could save you a fortune in repairs. Lifeline Home Inspections would like to relate some of the common issues found in home inspections to give a general idea of potential dilemmas you may face as well as tools for negotiating a lower sale price.

Negotiating Issues Found During a Home Inspection

1. Electrical Problems. During home inspections, the inspector will test outlets, light switches and interior fuse or breaker box. Common problems found are the outlets with reversed polarity. This is when the outlet wires are misplaced, as the hot and neutral wires are running to the wrong terminals. It is a fairly simple fix, but a common issue just the same. Another electrical error is when there are two electrical feeds or circuits attached to a single breaker. This common problem can be a safety hazard if not properly rectified.
2. Common Plumbing Problems. Toilets and underneath sinks are often found leaking. More often than not, improper materials, fittings and broken seals are to blame. Rust corrosion is another cause of leaks that are noticed by home inspectors. Galvanized water mains are a problem in older homes, leading to low water pressure caused by corroded and rusted pipes. Newer homes are being built with copper water mains to eliminate that issue.
3. Heating System Problems. Boiler or furnace covers are removed for inspection. Heating systems require a minimum of annual maintenance done by a professional to increase durability, efficiency and longevity. Alas, many homeowners neglect that duty, and furnaces are often left filthy or in need of repairs, and sometimes replacements.
4. Home Exterior Problems. A major problem found during an inspection is fascia related. Fascia boards often lack ventilation and there may also be missing or rotting pieces. A roof depends on proper ventilation to increase the lifespan.
5. Fan Ventilation Problems. The fan ventilation system is engineered to be circulated to the exterior of the house. Bathroom ventilation fans are being noticed by home inspectors to run into attic or crawl spaces instead of outside. The moisture the bathroom fan ventilates can settle into the attic and under the average conditions of attics, mold can breed and quickly become an expensive and harmful problem.
6. Electric Entrance Cable Problems. The electric entrance cable or service entry cable can become frayed and damaged due to over exposure to the sun and long periods of weather conditions. The house’s utility power connection point is run through the cable to the meter socket, and then passes to the circuit breaker. Along with frayed and damaged cables, the cable itself is an inadequate size for the breaker box.
7. Dysfunctional Windows. During the inspection, the pro will check each window, and too often, the windows are inoperable. The older windows often malfunction due to a broken sash cord. Windows that do not open could also be because a previous paint job was sloppy and the window itself has been sealed closed.
8. Fireplace and Chimney Problems. The chimney flashing is the major issue found during inspections and is usually damaged by water intrusion. Mortar and chimney caps are often missing, along with cracked tiles in the chimney flu.
9. Grading Problems. Basements exposed to water can have a list of problems. Exterior grading becoming eroded is the biggest problem, and is caused when rain isn’t diverted properly away from the home’s structure, and then the water will penetrate into the basement.
10. Water Heater Problems. In recent years, the codes for water heaters have been adjusted and many homeowners haven’t made their upgrades.

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Our expert inspectors at Lifeline Home Inspections have the experience and training to find the common problems; along with the unique ones. Before dropping a substantial amount of cash on a home, invest in a home inspection first to make sure it is worth the investment and commitment. Contact us for all your real estate inspections; residential and commercial!

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