How to Access the History of Residential Construction Building Permits in Marietta, GA? Buildfax

If there was a way to list all the possible information you could about a certain property, wouldn’t you want it before listing your home or purchasing a new one? The benefits that come from Buildfax are endless. When you are armed with the knowledge offered by Buildfax about a property, you can make an informed decision about it. Lifeline Home Inspections is here to talk about building permits and why they should be so important to you.

Permit History is Essential Property History

If there isn’t a permit history for a home, it can mean there are underlying problems present. Here are some of the problems that can arise when there is no permit history on a property.
Roof Problems: If there is no record of a permit for a roof in the last 15 years, it can mean the roof is in bad shape. If it has been repaired or replaced without any permits, it could have been done without the proper safety inspections needed.
Un-Permitted Additions: When there has been an addition on a home that wasn’t permitted, it can mean that you have the tear the whole thing down and start over. Before purchasing a home with an addition, you want to make sure that it was done right.
Huge Loss: When there isn’t any record of permits on a property, there is a direct correlation between that and the property having major issues.
Disrepair: You can tell a lot from a property that has no permits on file. This likely means that the property hasn’t been well cared for and there are many issues present. When a house is properly maintained, you will notice that there is a strong permit history on the property.
Updated HVAC: The HVAC system is another area where permits tell us a lot. You want to know that the system has been maintained as it should to ensure you don’t have future problems with it.

Buildfax Data Benefits

When it comes to getting all the permit information that you need on a property, there isn’t a better resource than Buildfax. Its data dates back to 1993 and gives you a complete picture about a property so you can make an informed decision. The data is made easy to understand so it isn’t cryptic and so complex that it is left unreadable. In a nutshell, Buildfax works to give you a clear picture of the overall condition of a property and a good predictor of loss that could be present.

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At Lifeline Home Inspections, we know how important this information can be. If a home is eligible for this service, it can give buyers a great look into the overall condition of a home that the seller may not be openly sharing or even be aware of at all. You can count on Lifeline Home Inspections to get you the info you need on a property’s building permit history so that you can make an informed decision about a property. Call us today!

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