Home Inspection Safety & Other Benefits of Aerial Drone Roof Inspection Photos in Newnan, GA

Getting your home inspected is all part of the buying and selling process. It is in place to keep everyone involved in the deal honest and protected. A major part of the home inspection process includes the roof. It can be difficult to get up there to see everything and get a good picture of what the overall condition of it is like; especially if the roof is steep or hard to access. Lifeline Home Inspections is here to talk about the benefits of drone roof inspections.

Using a Drone to Inspect a Roof Saves Time

There are many occasions that your roof may need to be inspected. If you have a known roof issue that you need to keep an eye on until you get it resolved, the drone is a great option. It takes all the wasted time out of the process. There is no longer any need to set up all the ladders, scaffolding or other equipment needed to physically get on the roof for a roof inspection. Roof inspections can literally be done in a fraction of the time that traditional roof inspections can be accomplished.

Safety is Key with Drone Inspections

Any time you are getting on top of a roof, there is a risk of falling. When using drones to inspect a roof, you cut out a great deal of risk. There are many areas on a roof that would be somewhat dangerous to reach, but still need to be inspected. These hard to reach areas are now accessible when using a drone to do the roof inspection.

Benefit of Before & After Photos

If there are any repairs that must be done after a roof inspection, drones provide the best way to get access to before and after pictures of the work that was done. The technology found in drones allow the pictures to be taken in the exact same position as the previous pictures were taken to give you a true before and after representation.

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If you are considering a roof inspection, there isn’t a more effective and efficient way to do it than with drone photos. Utilizing this technology can help improve accuracy with the GPS capabilities that drones have. At Lifeline Home Inspections, we have extensive training with drone roof inspections. You know you are getting the whole picture when you choose us for your roof inspection using a drone. We will provide all the pictures needed to get thorough before and after shots of any repairs that may be done on the property. Call us today!

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