Home Inspection Property Condition Red Flags? How to Use a BuildFax Housing Health Report in Tyrone, GA

Many home inspectors often encourage buyers to get a BuildFax Report of the home they want to buy or have recently bought. A BuildFax Report is essentially a “background check” for homes and other commercial buildings. A BuildFax Report can provide a lot of information about the home that can help aid the homeowner in the care of their premises. However, many people may not know how to use a BuildFax Report or know its benefits. BuildFax Reports often inspire a lot of questions for homeowners. Lifeline Inspection Services would like to share how to use a BuildFax Report and answer some of the common questions about BuildFax Reports.

What is a BuildFax Housing Health Report?

A BuildFax Report or BuildFax is a company that has been collecting data on over 80 million homes and properties throughout America. They collect data on new construction, major system repairs, renovations, additions, roof repair, pool construction, demolition and more. A BuildFax Report is a home and property’s background check which can provide helpful and detailed information on a home for homeowners, buyers and home inspectors.

Why Acquire a BuildFax Report?

A BuildFax Report can not only help the homeowner but also the home inspector when doing an inspection of the home you own or want to buy. A BuildFax Report provides a “property history” which helps the homeowner see if there was any work done to the home since it was built. A BuildFax Report can include any new or modified electrical work, plumbing, roof replacement, add-ons, or reconstruction due to fire, pests, or water damage. Additionally, BuildFax Reports can show permitted updates or the span of time between updates which can help show when the last time an aging home was maintained.

Where Does the BuildFax Report Data Originate?

Many homeowners frequently ask where the data from the BuildFax Report comes from or originates. Most of the data comes from building departments in each city. The data from these building departments often have the permits filed for the property as well as the Certificate of Occupancy.

Where Do You Get a BuildFax Report?

When you want or need a BuildFax Report, you will need a membership with BuildFax. You can work through third party companies that already have a BuildFax membership. Many home inspection companies will have a membership with BuildFax as they are often needed for a home inspection or more information on a property, especially when red flags are detected during an inspection. If you are a homeowner or buyer and want a BuildFax Report, ask your home inspector if they can get you one or sign up with BuildFax yourself.

When Do I Need a BuildFax Report?

There are plenty of reasons why you should get a BuildFax Report. However, there are times you need to get one. There are times the need for a BuildFax Report comes up and one is when the home is over 15 years old. When obvious changes have been made to the home it is important to get a BuildFax Report to make sure that all the work has been done to code and all of the permits were obtained.

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