Home Inspection on New Construction in Hapeville, GA; Problems with New Build Homes, Avoiding Repairs & More

When you make the decision to build your own home or are looking into a newly constructed home development, never skip a home inspection. Even a newly built home can have a number of flaws which can require a number of renovations to correct them all. You will not know about the quality of construction until the home has been thoroughly inspected. Lifeline Home Inspections will share why you should never skip a new construction home inspection.

Problems with New Build Homes

When hiring a builder for your home or looking into the new development you can never truly know about the building quality. Builders come and go and many are not always up to par with current building codes and regulations. When building a home, a number of different contractors are used during the construction such as plumbing, electrical and more. You may not know everyone who may be working on your home. This is why you never want to miss out on a home inspection. Flaws can be corrected before you move in, as well as make sure the home was built will quality materials.

Municipal Code Inspection VS Home Inspection

When a home is built, it will require a municipal code inspection. This kind of inspection only checks to see if the home meets all of the codes. A municipal code inspection is not the same as home inspection. When you want to know about the home’s quality, a home inspection will be need needed. A municipal code inspection only inspects the home to ensure it meets city codes. Never rely on a municipal code inspection as it doesn’t cover the entire home and doesn’t note any flaw in its construction.

Home Inspection Helps Avoid Intrusive Repairs

When you have the home inspected right after construction, any flaws can be corrected before moving in. Too many people will move right into a home without having it inspected. After moving in you may discover a major issue which will require major renovations. Dealing with a major renovation while living inside the home is very invasive. Renovations can cause disturbances and end up costing you money. To avoid living with renovations to a new home it is best to have the home inspected before moving in.

Feel Confident & Comfortable About Your Home

When investing in a newly built home you will want to feel confident that your home is built strong. A home should be built to last. To know that your home doesn’t have any flaws or major issues that can cause premature decay on a home, a home inspection is vital. It may be surprising to know that a new how can have flaws. Nonetheless it is true and happens more often that you might think. A home inspector can report a number of flaws in a newly built home such as bad plumbing, poor air duct design, and even cheap building materials.

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When having a home built or you plan to move into the new development, make sure to never skip a home inspection. For a thorough home inspection, contact Lifeline Inspection Services.

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