Home Inspection Found Vermiculite Wall & Attic Insulation in Grantville, GA; Does it Contain Asbestos? Is it Safe?

When you are getting ready to purchase a home, there can be several hidden dangers that are lurking behind the walls of the home you are about to buy. One of these dangers may be vermiculite insulation. This type of insulation can be found in homes all across the country and in recent years has been found to be a potential danger as it can contain asbestos. It is no secret that asbestos is a dangerous material to have in your home. Lifeline Inspection Services is here to talk about the potential problem that vermiculite insulation poses and what to do if you have it in your home.

What is Vermiculite Insulation?

Have you noticed the pebbly looking insulation that is found in many attics? This is vermiculite insulation. It is made up of shiny little flakes that mimic mica and when these flakes are heated, they expand as much as 8-30 times their original size. The good thing about this insulation and why it has been chosen for years to insulate attics and walls, is the fact that it is lightweight, odorless and fire-resistant.

Is Vermiculite Insulation Dangerous?

The main source of the vermiculite insulation that was put in home from 1919-1990 came from a mine in Libby, Montana. It provided up to 70 percent of all the vermiculite insulation that was distributed to homes in that time. Unfortunately, at that time, there was also a deposit of asbestos at that mine that contaminated the insulation that was produced. For the most part, it you have a home that has vermiculite insulation in it, you can go ahead and assume that it has been contaminated with asbestos. If the vermiculite insulation in your home has more than 1 percent asbestos in it, it is a danger to you and those you love.

Asbestos Exposure

It has been argued in court that one percent of asbestos is the amount that poses a danger. Many will argue that any amount of asbestos is dangerous though. While this may seem like a small amount, the fact of the matter is that any trace of asbestos can cause serious health problems for anyone that comes in contact with it.

Vermiculite Insulation is Not Safe in Walls & Attics

While people will rarely go in their attics and this is where this type of insulation is commonly found, many would argue that it isn’t a risk when that is where it’s at. Just because this dangerous substance is in the attic, it doesn’t make it air tight. In addition, any disturbance to the attic space and the insulation could pose a risk for anyone in the home.

Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust

If the presence of vermiculite insulation has been confirmed in your home, you may be entitled to damages. The Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust was established as part of a legal settlement with WR Grace to reimburse homeowners or renters for a portion of the money they have spent removing or replacing Zonolite brand vermiculite attic insulation. It should be noted that you should not attempt to remove asbestos-containing material. This is not a do it yourself project and your labor expenses will not be reimbursed if you do attempt to remove it. Click here to file a claim and learn more about this trust.

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Vermiculite insulation is only one of the reasons it is important that you have a home inspection before purchasing a home. At Lifeline Inspection Services, we know the dangers that can be lurking in old houses and you can rely on us to uncover any potential risks before you purchase your home. Call us today!

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