FAQ & Benefits of Light Commercial Real Estate Property Inspections in Fayetteville, GA

There are a wide range of examples of commercial properties. Apartment complexes, motels, hotels, warehouses, business centers, strip malls, medical and dental offices; the list really can go on and on. When looking to purchase either an investment commercial building, a place to run your own business or to lease spaces to other business owners; you want to make sure the building is up to par before buying. This will help to avoid costly repairs that were not so obvious at the time of walk through. That’s when you need a professional on your side to help you make informed decisions. A commercial property inspector is the expert you seek. Lifeline Home Inspections would like to relate the benefits and answer frequently asked questions to better inform you of the commercial inspection services we offer.

Benefits of a Light Commercial Building Property Inspection

Inspection Investment Protection. When leasing or buying a property for commercial use, there is much to consider. Customers, employees and your own prospects. If you are in search for specific needs, code regulations and a commercial property that is in fair condition, an inspection conducted by a professional is your best choice!
Property Inspection Facts. Often when realtors are selling properties, they know the very basics and are not informed on the building’s potential problems. Electrical, plumbing, structure, foundation, HVAC, among other property aspects, could have underlying issues that are not plainly obvious. Having an expert perform a full inspection can find any potential issues. With the facts in hand, you can know if the commercial property is worth investing in.
Real Estate Price Negotiations. If the place is still ideal for your needs, despite the needed repairs and replacements, having the facts in hand can help you negotiate a price that is more fair.

Light Commercial Real Estate Property FAQs

1. How do I know the inspector isn’t a tool of the realtor or original owner?
A: When you book a buyer’s inspection, the inspectors you hire work for you. We base our reputation on our clients satisfaction. Lifeline Home Inspections takes inspections seriously and will always be 100% honest in our findings. We work for you.
2. How long does an inspection take?
A: Unfortunately, this has too many variables to give an answer as to the length of time spent going through a commercial property. However, all of our inspections are done with a thorough, meticulous and professional manner to ensure every avenue is inspected.
3. What are some examples of what an inspector investigates?
A: While going through the property, below is a general list of inspection areas including but not limited to:
Site work – topography, drainage, utilities, parking, retention ponds, and retaining walls.
Roof – overall structure, roof covering, penetrations, flashing, drainage and parapets. Ask us about our add on aerial drone photo and video services for a birds eye view.
Exterior – windows, doors, cladding, flashing, stairs, and overhead doors.
Structure – columns, foundation, carry beams, framing, and trusses.
Plumbing – drainage, hot water, bathrooms, fixtures, and water supply.
Electrical – service panels, breakers, fuses, disconnects, and conductors.
HVAC – distribution, boilers, furnaces, ventilation, rooftop combination units, and central plants.
Interior – insulation, windows, moisture intrusions, stairs, ceilings, walls, doors, chair lifts, elevators, and escalators.
Safety – fire suppression systems, fire/smoke alarms, sprinklers, egress, and fire extinguishers. As the owner of Lifeline Home Inspections is a firefighter, we take a special interest and have extensive experience in detecting potential fire hazards.

Light Commercial Real Estate Building Property Inspections & More in Fulton, Spalding, Coweta, Douglas, Pike, Upson & Fayette County, GA

When looking into purchasing a commercial property, it is best to be armed with all the facts and information before dropping a lot of cash into that investment. Hire our professionals at Lifeline Home Inspections. Our experts have been masterfully trained with extensive experience to perform a commercial property inspection service. Call us today to book your next inspection.

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