Common Home Inspection Questions in Orchard Hill, GA; What is Covered & More

If you are ready to buy a new home or you have an existing home that you want to sell you should know about a home inspection. Although these are the two most common reasons for a home inspection, there are others too. A home inspection can be useful if you are planning home renovations or if you are experiencing problems in your home but aren’t sure of the cause. There could be a much bigger issue than you even suspect hiding behind the walls. Often it takes the expertise of a certified home inspector to find it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Inspections

What is Covered in a Home Inspection?: A home inspection is a thorough look at a home by an independent third party that is trained in home inspections. All of the building’s systems as well as the structure of the home will be inspected and tested to determine if there are any malfunctions or defects of any kind. The home inspector will take the time to prepare an extensive report that clearly and concisely present all the findings. Always use a professional, certified inspector to ensure that the inspection is thorough and the report complete.
How Long Does a Home Inspection Report Take?: The home inspector that you hire to do the job will be able to give you a good estimate on the amount of time that the job will take. The length of time can depend due to many different variables such as the age and square footage of the home as well as the number of problems found. The best way to get a timeline is to contact a home inspector who will ask specific questions and give you an estimated time frame.
Can You Pass or Fail a Home Inspection?: These are terms that are used when you smog a car or take an academic test; but not when you have a home inspection. The home inspector is not giving you a pass or fail but is there to inform you of the current condition of the property. The home inspection will be thorough and the report easy to read to help you determine what it would take to repair and/or replace the problem areas and when. Home inspectors want you and your family to be safe. The report will list areas that should be addressed as well as areas that may be improved upon.
What Happens to the Things on the Home Inspection Checklist: The inspector’s job is not to make any of the needed repairs. Home inspectors simply compile the list so that if you are buying a home you can negotiate the sales price or ask the seller to make some repairs prior to the close. You can also hire a contractor or take on some of the repairs on your own. It is always best to work on the most serious problems first.

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