Common Defects & Problems with New Build Construction Homes in Fayetteville, GA; Radon Mitigation & More

Are you looking to buy a brand new home, and one that has never been lived in before as in fresh from a developer? You may be thinking “why should I bother having the home inspected, its new right?” This is a common mistake, even new homes have flaws. It can be surprising to some to learn how many flaw and or issues are found, even in newly built homes. Lifeline Inspection Services would like to share some of the most common flaws found in newly built homes.

A New House Can have Construction Problems

When looking to buy a home within a new development that has just finished construction and is in the perfect neighborhood, you may be excited to join potential neighbors who are investing in purchasing their own home. Many people looking to move into a new home often feel like a home inspection is not necessary. However, that assumption can become a major mistake. Even a brand new home can have code flaws, low quality faucets that leak, and more. You might be surprised what you see on a home inspection report for new homes.

Common New House Construction Problems

When inspecting a new home, one of the common problems found is missing paint underneath the fascia board and trim boards. Missing paint can be a major concern for the home’s longevity. The paint plays a vital role in protecting the home. The trim boards and fascia boards protect from water damage and mold. The gutter system also often fails during inspections. Either the components of the gutters are missing or installed at the wrong pitch. At times the builders will also forget the caulking or use poor quality caulking around windows, doors, sinks and other areas that require sealing. When not sealed properly, these can be prone to water damage and contribute to poor energy efficiency. Another contributor that leads to proper energy efficiency is the attic insulation. During a home inspection of newly built homes, often the attic and crawlspace insulation is missing. The insulation is often missed when a developer is in a rush to complete a home or homes. A home’s attic is essential to the overall health of the home. One major aspect of the roof and attic is the attic vents. If the attic exhaust vents are not the proper size or are disconnected, it can lead to problems in the home. It is common to find the vent exhausts are disconnected or are not properly sized. Other safety systems such as the garage door are also found to not function properly.

Radon Gas Mitigation

During home inspection it is also common to find the home radon mitigation system to be improperly installed. There are a number of radon mitigation systems and they can vary from home to home. Radon gas is a problem here in Georgia and therefore, it is essential to the home’s safety.

New Home Construction Inspections & More in Fulton, Spalding, Coweta, Douglas, Pike, Upson & Fayette County, Georgia

Even in new or freshly built homes, there are a number of potential flaws that can cause the buyer to invest in costly repairs and premature damages. For homeowners who want to know the condition of the home before they buy it, always seek professional home inspections. For quality home inspection services, contact Lifeline Inspection Services today.

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