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Is Radon Testing Necessary in Tyrone, GA? How Does Professional Test Equipment Work & Assist in Mitigation?

Georgia residents are often at risk from radon gas exposure. Radon gas can come without warning or show any signs of its presence until it is too late. Many locals don’t fully understand radon gas and whether or not they are at risk of exposure. Lifeline Home Inspections will share what radon gas is and…

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What to Do Before You Schedule a House Inspection in Peachtree City, GA; Research Home Inspectors & More

When you decide to schedule a home inspection service, whether you are selling, securing a new mortgage, or looking to prioritize your home improvements, there are a few suggestions you should consider beforehand. Today, we at Lifeline Home Inspections would like to share a few recommendations that will make your home inspection a lot more…

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How to Prevent a Chimney Fire in Brooks, GA? Annual Inspection, Cleaning, Using a Starter, Cap Installation & More

Every year in the United States, there are more than 25,000 chimney fires incurring $125 million-plus in property damage. Flames in the lower chimney migrating upward can cause damage such as warping, cracking or melting of the masonry or metal chimney walls. Chimney fires can destroy houses and put lives at risk in the most…

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Buying a House with Polybutylene Pipes in Griffin, GA; Home Inspection to Identify, Replacement Options & More

When inspecting homes there are many aspects the inspector will cover to ensure the home’s safety and quality. One of these many aspects is the home’s plumbing system. One major flaw discovered in many homes is the piping. During the mid-1970’s through the 1990’s, polybutylene pipes were used in an estimated 10 million homes. Polybutylene…

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Buying a House with Atlas Chalet Shingles in Zebulon, GA; Discontinued, Defective Roofing Material & Other Problems

While there are several different roofing materials that can be used to construct your roof, not all of them are high quality and do their job well. One of type of shingle that has made a poor name for itself is the Atlas Chalet Shingle. These shingles are found on many houses because when they…

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Retaining Wall Inspection in Brooks, GA to Detect Defects & Problems with Cantilever & Other Walls

Many properties have a retaining wall that is designed to keep the land behind it from sliding. These walls are important for the property they are on and are often overlooked when an inspection is underway. It is important that these walls are properly inspected for a number of reasons. Lifeline Home Inspections is here…

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