Buyer & Seller Tips; What to Expect & How to Prepare for a Home Inspection in Brooks, GA

Home inspections are a valuable resource for people looking to buy, sell, or maintain a home. A home inspection is exceptionally beneficial to people looking to buy a home. After a knowing, trained professional inspects the different elements of the home, from electrical and plumbing, to structural and roofing for example, any shortcomings will be noted in detail. There are many facets of a home inspection and today, we at Lifeline Home Inspections would like to take the opportunity to share some facts you likely did not know about home inspections in Greater Atlanta, Georgia.

Home Inspection Facts & Tips for Buyers & Sellers

1) Home inspections and real estate agents. Your agent is trying to make a sale but most often the real estate agent’s recommendation is an ethical professional that will find and alert you to any issues found in the house. Should you consider your real estate agent’s referral, it is still important to check on the home inspector’s reviews and references to ensure their integrity is intact.
2) A home inspection takes time. The average time spent during a home inspection is roughly 3 hours for an average size home. A professional opens the breaker box, inspects the crawl space, walks the roof as well as assesses electrical systems, plumbing networks, and every inch of your home looking for all potential problems; no matter how small or large.
3) A home inspector cannot indicate whether or not to buy a house. It’s up to customers to read between the lines. A home inspector is not a real estate agent and is not permitted to bluntly recommend if the house is worth the investment. Cue on the phrases such as the house has “a lot of issues” or has “a major issue,” and so on, or if there is excessive number of phrases like “further evaluation is needed” by other professionals.
4) A home inspection on new construction can find faulty installation and other problems. The general public would be surprised to know that new homes have a ridiculous amount of aspects wrong with them. Such problems include poorly installed appliances, electrical problems, leaks, clogged pipes from the tile installer cleaning his tools in the sink etc. Be sure to get the new home inspected before you buy!
5) Invest in a pre listing house inspection when selling. Before putting your house on the market, the inspection can preemptively reveal to you what home inspections are going to reveal to the buyer. Being preemptive can make the sale a lot smoother as you can repair any major issues to get top dollar for your home. For example, a home with roof or foundation problems will immediately stop a sale in its tracks.
6) Buyers should be present for the inspection and sellers should be away. Sellers that stick around during the inspection often have a tendency to look over anxious, like there is something to hide, or they are too defensive about any findings, which immediately annoys the inspector and puts off buyers before the inspection is even completed. Buyers can learn where to find basic, primary water shut-off switches, electrical disconnect and other main points.
7) Tips for sellers to prepare for home inspection. Ensure all the light bulbs are working in all fixtures, repair cracks, holes, and gaps in the drywall, test electrical outlets, have your air ducts and carpets professionally cleaned, have the HVAC system serviced, and ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have been tested. This can save negative reports and expedite the home selling process.

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