Should I Buy a House with Signs of Water Damage Found During a Home Inspection in Zebulon, GA?

Water damage is one of the more common concerns for homeowners and it can occur all throughout the home. You can find water damage outside, inside, in the attic, crawl spaces, and in basements. When water damage occurs, it can lead to mold growth. Mold can be harmful especially when it is trapped inside the home. Lifeline Home Inspections would like to share some of the common places where damage is found in a home and how a home inspector can help ensure your home’s safety.

Exterior Water Damage

Water damage is very common outside as it is exposed to rain, the occasional snow fall, and water from sprinkler systems. Some of the most common places to have water damage outside on the home is the gutters. Gutters can become clogged which causes sagging or rusting. Over time the gutter can break, and water will leak down and onto the side of the home. The water can cause damages and mold to develop on the side of the home. Another common area for water damage to occur is around the foundation. Due to our humid climate the ground retains moisture and water can collect underneath the foundation of the home. This can become a major problem for the entire integrity of the house.

Water Damage Inside Walls, Ceiling & Flooring

There are a number of places inside the home that can develop water damages. One common culprit of water damage is a broken pipe that can occur anywhere in the home. The home’s plumbing system snakes around the entire home going through the ceilings, wall and in the floor. Pipes can break anywhere and cause water damage in the ceiling and walls which can cause paint to crack, peel, or develop water stains. Water can come up and out of the flooring if a pipe line breaks that flows underneath the home. Other sites where plumbing leaks are found, and cause water damage is from sinks or water heater. These areas can spring a leak and then cause water damage on the flooring, inside the cabinets, and along the walls. Water damage inside the home is a major health risk as mold can develop quickly and begin spreading throughout the home.

Basement & Attic Water Damage

As the basement and attic is part of the inside of the home, they tend to have different water problems. Attics can develop water damage from roof leak, condensation, and leaks from the HVAC system. These issues can lead to major problems from the decay of wood and insulation and of course, the notorious mold problem. Basements often house the water heater which can leak and cause problems inside the basement. When a home floods, the basement gets it the worst.

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Water damage can cause decay in various materials that are used in homes, water damage is also the birth place of many types of molds. It is important to have your home inspected either when buying a house and not knowing whether water damage has occurred, or when selling or for maintenance purposes after water damage has struck. During a home inspection water damage is one of the key concerns and inspectors look carefully for any signs. If you need a quality home or light commercial inspection services, contact Lifeline Inspection Services today!

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