Benefits of Drones for Roof, Facade & Structural Home & Building Inspections in Griffin, GA

Many more home inspectors are offering drone inspections for a number of reasons. To many a drone is a fun toy when it has actually become an essential tool used in many professions including home and commercial inspections. To understand why drones have become such a recommended and essential tool of the trade, Lifeline Home Inspections will share the many ways we use drones and how they can help aid inspections.

Using Drones for Inspections of Non-Accessible Areas

The most obvious reasons why drones are used to is to get a visual inspection of areas that may be non-accessible to the inspector. A drone is a lightweight small air craft with a tiny camera and video camera. Some can even provide sound which becomes the eyes and ears of the inspector. When a structure or building’s access points have become hazardous or due to poor design, damage or other reason, the inspector can use the drone to help get up and close to the building or structure they are inspecting. Drones have been used to inspect outside and even inside some structures. With drones the inspector no longer has to take any unnecessary risks and is still able to provide a complete and thorough inspection. Additionally drones help get the inspection done faster. By having the drone get the the hard to reach areas the home inspector can save time trying to figure out how to safely navigate the area during an inspection.

Drone Aerial Imagery Inspections

During an inspection often aerial images are needed for the reports and are often requested by the client. However, getting aerial views can be challenge depending on the site and what public records are available. Often the building and surrounding environment has changed since the last aerial photos were taken. This is where drones can help, the drones can take a picture of the site a provide a current aerial view of the building and property. The drone can help save time and money when obtaining aerial shots.

Aerial Color Infrared Imagery

Often inspectors will outfit their drones with infrared cameras. Infrared camera can help in many ways they can detect electrical or energy patterns, as well as moisture deposits. When moisture is found with infrared imagery it can help locate areas where moisture is trapped which can cause roof and structural decay and mold. When moisture deposits are found it can help provide repair or servicemen with location of the site and how to safely access it to conduct the repairs safely.

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Drones are being used in many ways to help aid inspectors and ensure safety while being both time and cost efficient. When you need your home or commercial building inspected ask Lifeline Home Inspections about our drone inspection services. We can provide a detail report will aerial and video recording to help give a thorough inspection. For professional home inspections service contact Lifeline Home Inspections and schedule our services today.

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