1 Year New Home Construction Warranty Inspection Checklist in Sun City Griffin, GA; Structural Systems & More

Generally, when homeowners buy a newly constructed home, there is usually a “One Year Limited Warranty” that is attached. To the inexperienced eye, some items listed under this warranty may or may not be visible. With the help of an inspection, there are quite few things discovered during the inspection that is fairly common and we at Lifeline Home Inspections would like to share them today.

What to Look for in a New Construction Home Inspection

Many of the issues found during the first year warranty inspection of a new construction home include inadequate drainage around the foundation; inefficiently installed roof covering and/or flashing details; problems with water intrusion; leaks in the plumbing; electrical receptacles, switches and/or fixtures’ wiring that is improper. If corrected in a timely manner, a lot of the above-mentioned issues can be resolved fairly simple. However, the homeowners can be left with costly repairs in the event these issues are left unresolved and/or undetected that continue to evolve. To uncover and address items that need to be corrected and/or addressed, highly trained and experienced experts, who are unbiased, can assist you. Many things can be overlooked in your daily routine and with a professional inspectors fresh set of eyes, they can potentially find these things. In order to process your repair request, the professionals will then provide you with the documentation you may need. With a team of Code Certified Inspectors, the inspections’ findings are backed up with these certified experts. To offer you aid to negotiate your repairs, you will receive a detailed report with the necessary code references. This inspection, ultimately, helps you attend the minor issues sooner to help you avoid future catastrophes.

One Year Home Warranty Checklist

Below, are the general inspection elements of the first year warranty inspection of a new construction.
Structural Systems:
– Windows including locks, screens, thermal pane leaks, and window operation
– Roof Structure, Roof Covering
– Interior / Exterior Surfaces including wood veneer, brick veneer, interior sheetrock and wall covering
– Interior / Exterior Doors
– Drainage Around Foundation and Foundation
– Fireplaces and Chimneys
– Ceilings and Floors

Electrical Systems:
– Panel Boxes, Sub-panel Boxes
– Breakers & Fuses
– Service Entrance Wires, Distribution Wires
– Receptacles (outlets), Switches & Fixtures

Operational Systems:
– Sprinkler Systems, Pools & Spas
– Septic Systems
– Gas Supply Systems

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning:
– Air Conditioning both Indoor & Outdoor Units
– Ductwork, Registers and Plenums
– Gas or Electric Heating Equipment

Plumbing System:
– Exterior Water Hose Faucets
– Drains, Vents and Waste
– Interior Faucets and Fixtures such as commodes, showers and tubs
– Laundry Connections
– Water Heaters; gas or electric

– Trash Compactors, Microwaves
– Heaters and Bathroom Exhaust Fans
– Doorbells, Garage Door Openers, Dryer Vents
– Disposals, Dishwashers
– Range Hoods, Cooktops, Ovens

One Year New Home Warranty Inspections & More in Fulton, Spalding, Coweta, Douglas, Pike, Upson & Fayette County, Georgia

When you invest in a newly constructed home, call Lifeline Home Inspections and let our qualified experts provide you with a comprehensive inspection service to help you cover the one year warranty effectiveness.

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